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Easily connect together with your customers through WhatsApp

Including WhatsApp Business solution, customers can communicate your business likewise they contact their friends and family. WhatsApp Business allows your business to link with users in a basic, solid, and secure way.

Multiple kinds of research show that customers now want businesses to provide them with a better user experience including real-time communications, faster response times, and smarter resolutions. Fly High Social will support you in flawlessly integrate WhatsApp Business to make users engage through creative, context-informed messaging.

Getting feedback on WhatsApp

The beautiful thing also, of course, is that the app supports all kinds of media. this suggests next to text; you’ll use audio, video, maybe even a fast call to supply excellent customer support.

Using WhatsApp Business is often cheap and quick thanks to doing some research and generate customer feedback.

Want to understand which feature you ought to work on next for your startup? Ask your customers.

Instead of having to call a private customer, or send an email hoping they might read it, you’ll create questions inside your different segmented groups. Customer participation is usually an excellent thanks to getting relevant answers for your business. Using WA Business is doing market research quickly and efficiently, and better of all, it’s free!

WhatsApp Marketing Tips
  • Create broadcast lists
  • Use group chats
  • Employ WhatsApp statuses
  • Craft a product catalog

Mobile SMS marketing

Fly high social help your brand on mobile messaging, helping businesses round the world engage with their customers in a more meaningful way boosting revenue and building brand loyalty for the future.
Assume the facility of delivering the proper message at the proper moment, whenever. Our full-service, end-to-end solutions can make it a reality and deliver the simplest possible experience to your customers every step of the way. From idea to implementation, we’ve all of your messaging needs covered.

Industry solutions
  • Hotel
  • Financial services
  • Grocery
  • E-commerce
  • Logistic
  • Social medias 
  • Hotels
  • Health care

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